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April 5, 2020 0 Comment

Getting your home renovated can be a stressful process. The process is far more complex than it can seem to be while also putting a dent in the pocket. While proper planning is an important part of the renovation plan, below are few common mistakes you should look to avoid to make the process smoother.

Starting the process too soon: Before starting to create the plan, it is important to stay in the house for a while. Learn the flow, check in which direction the sun hits, where the laundry can go, where you can keep the groceries and other little things. Keeping all these things in mind will help you make informed choices when you plan to change things.

Expecting everything to go as per the plan: Home renovation is not a smooth process. So it’s best not to expect everything to work as per the plan. It is best to be prepared for the unexpected as who knows what’s behind the wall when you’re opening it up.

Miscommunicating: To design the house of your dreams, it is important you connect with everyone related to it. Communicate well with the contractor, your partner, the whole designing team and everyone involved in it. Catch up with them at least once a week in person or by text, phone call or an email to set your expectations and to understand the progress of the project.

Not budgeting: Before you start the home renovation work, it is important that you have a specific budget in mind. Without a budget, you would end up spending lakhs in rupees, which would further stress you more. Plan a budget and if you have any extra money in hand then utilize it for spending on things you interact the most with-cabinets, chairs and others.

Not consulting a professional: Doing it yourself is a good idea until you know what you are doing. But leaving the electric, plumbing, roofing, tiling and kitchen work is best for the professionals to do. Cutting corners on the work, which you don’t know well, is a strict NO-NO. When applying for a home renovation loan with Credit Fair, you can get connected with the best professionals. 

Hiring the wrong contractor: If you are new to renovation, working with the best contractor is the key. If you don’t know any good contractor, it is best you ask for referrals and hire the person best suitable for the job.

Not setting up the timeline: Work with the contractor to put together a list of items that you need to purchase within a specific timeline. Making the last minute fixture selection will make you regret things later.

Not asking enough questions: Ask a lot of questions to the contractor as doing so will help you get a good understanding of the project and you will also know how and where you are spending your money. Remember, no question is a dumb question.

Liquidating your investments: One of the primary mistakes people make to renovate their homes is they spend all their savings and investments behind doing so without thinking about the future. When designing a renovation plan, it is important that you consider getting a loan for renovation as it comes at a low interest rate and minimal processing fee. If you are looking for a home renovation loan, then opting for one by Credit Fair is a good choice.

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