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October 23, 2020 0 Comment

What is a no-cost EMI?

A no-cost EMI is a monthly EMI plan where you only pay the price of the product or the service and do not pay any interest. This means that you only the price of the service or the product without having to pay any extra charge or interest. You get the loan at an interest-free rate. For instance, if you purchase a product or service worth Rs. 10,000 for 6 months then you would only pay EMI of Rs. 1,666 and don’t have to pay any additional interest.

Where can you avail no-cost EMI?

Instead of paying interest on the loan, a no-cost EMI helps you get your hands on the latest products or avail the service of your choice at no-cost EMI. Thinking of purchasing a smart phone? Wish to get your hands on a new laptop model? Planning a trip abroad? Need money for fertility treatment, dental treatment or any other medical purpose? Looking ahead to renovate your space? The good news is that now you can do all of this with no-cost EMI facility.

No-cost EMI facility can be availed for a range of products and services.

Benefits of no-cost EMI option

Fulfill your requirements

One of the primary benefits of a no-cost EMI option is that you can fulfill all your requirements without worrying about paying anything extra. You want to purchase a new phone, get a cosmetic treatment done, pursue an online certification course or even renovate your space, you can do it all without having to bear any extra charges.

Interest –free loan

Unlike traditional EMI plans, no-cost EMI plans come at zero interest which means you don’t have to pay any interest on the amount of the product or service you opt for.

You can avail it at multiple store:

You can avail Credit Fair’s no cost EMI options at multiple merchant partners like

  • Indira IVF
  • Bloom IVF
  • Nova IVF
  • Asian Paints
  • Neelkamal

Instant disbursal

No-cost EMIs are generally offered on credit card or debit cards. Banks generally do a basic KYC check and offer you an eligibility amount, which you can use to purchase the service or product of your choice. However, with Credit Fair, you can get the no-cost EMI facility by submitting only basic documents like your identity card, address proof and income details. Holding a credit card or debit card is not mandatory to get loan from Credit Fair. The minimum income required to get a loan from Credit Fair is Rs. 15,0000 and a credit score of 650.

  • Enter KYC limit
  • Get the loan

What are the benefits of availing no-cost EMI from Credit Fair?

Credit Fair offers no-cost EMI options to help you avail any product or service from over 1000+ merchant partners like Indira IVF, Nova IVF, Upgrad, Toppr, Extramarks, Skill-Lync, Oorjan Cleantech Pvt. Ltd, Neelkamal, Asian Paints, Sleek International Private Limited, Arrivae, Saviesa Homes, Design Cafe, Magical Nest, etc.

Can I get no cost EMI without holding a credit or debit card?
Yes, you can avail no-cost EMI option without holding a credit or debit card.

Can I opt for a medical treatment at no cost EMI?
Yes, you can opt for medical treatment at no cost EMI at our partner clinics.