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March 16, 2020 0 Comment

The age of a woman plays an important role in determining the chances of her pregnancy. With more women choosing to have children at a later stage in life, fertility preservation options like egg freezing is slowly becoming a safe choice for many single mothers and couples of today. Owing to factors like late marriage or several health conditions of either of the couple, women can find it difficult to conceive. Hence, at times like these, egg freeing can help a couple welcome their baby into the world anytime in the future. Read this article to know all about this relatively new fertility treatment that has helped many celebrities like Diana Hayden and others become proud parents.

What is egg freezing?

As a woman grows older, the quality of her eggs tends to decline. Also at a later stage in life after menopause, a woman can find it difficult to become pregnant as the ovaries cease to release eggs. While infertility can make it difficult for couples to conceive and can also be a cause of stress, egg freezing method can be a safe bet for couples who have been trying to get pregnant; it can also help a woman or a couple start a family whenever they wish. 

Egg freezing is a relatively new fertility preservation treatment, wherein a mature, unfertilized egg is retrieved from a woman and is frozen for future use. The procedure is a short surgical method that involves collection of mature eggs, which are then frozen by the process of vitrification. The procedure involves usage of a long needle that is inserted through the women’s vagina and is guided by ultrasound when the patient is sedated and monitored by an anesthesiologist. The technique thus gives a woman the benefit of slowing down her biological clock without having to worry about conceiving. When the woman is ready, the eggs are thawed and fertilized in-vitro and transferred back into the uterus. 

Why egg freezing can be beneficial?

Below are few of the scenarios under which the egg freezing technique can prove to be beneficial for a woman.

  • As a woman grows older, the chances of her producing healthy eggs decrease considerably.
  • Few women choose to delay pregnancy owing to her career or financial problems
  • Infertility issues in either the man or woman can be an issue between the couple
  • Scenario of a possible medical condition in the near future can make it difficult for the woman to produce a child. For example, cancer
  • treatments can have an impact on the ovaries and make it impossible for a woman to conceive. At such times, eggs can be freezed before the treatment begins. 

Advantages of egg freezing

  • Couples can start a family whenever they wish to
  • Provides reproductive freedom to women
  • Egg freezing can be a great option for future IVF cycles, if a single cycle fails
  • Helps in reducing fertility anxiety in women
  • Best option for woman having a history of early menopause in family
  • Protects the egg from disease or helps preserve them before invasive medical treatments
  • Gives woman good time to find the right partner
  • Helps women preserve their fertility and also helps in fertility extension

Egg freezing procedure

The procedure of egg freezing involves harvesting of eggs directly from the ovaries and then combining the same with sperm for future use. Eggs are then implanted to the uterus that makes it possible for a woman to get pregnant. 

The procedure involves the following:

Before the start of the below procedure, a woman has to undergo several tests and screening methods that help doctors determine the quality and quantity of eggs.

Ovarian stimulation: Ovaries are stimulated with fertility medications to increase the production of the eggs; it helps in releasing multiple eggs before regular ovulation. This stage takes at least 10-12 days for completion. 

Retrieval: The eggs, which are produced, are retrieved for preservation. This procedure is a surgical one and is performed under sedation. A needle is passed through the vagina and on retrieval is examined to check its maturity. 

Freezing: Once the eggs are retrieved and tested, they are frozen by the method of slow freezing of vitrification. 

How to get financing for egg freezing?

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