Snneha Lukaa
November 5, 2020 0 Comment

A medical emergency can arise, anywhere, anytime. Being unexpected in nature, one is not prepared to handle such an emergency at all times. With rising medical costs, not being in a good state of health can turn out to be an expensive financial affair. In some cases, even a health insurance policy would not offer sufficient coverage. Furthermore, a health insurance policy also does not offer coverage for dental, cosmetic, IVF treatments and even comes with a waiting period. Chronic conditions like cancer, heart attack can disrupt ones finance and one may be left with no option but to take a loan for medical treatment.

If you require funds for medical emergency then opting for a medical loan from Credit Fair can be the right choice. Below listed are few benefits.

Get instant access to funds: You get quick access to funds without having to wait for days to get loan disbursal. Cater to your medical requirements immediately with Credit Fair. Opt for treatment at our merchant partner clinics to receive instant disbursal facility.

Coverage for all types of medical conditions: A health insurance policy comes with restrictions on coverage of specific conditions like cancer, heart attack, sinus and others.  A personal loan can provide coverage for all types of medical conditions. Thus, this type of loan can cover expenses for all treatments that an insurance policy does not provide coverage for.

ZERO COST EMI: In addition to quick access to funds, Credit Fair also provides you zero cost EMI facility which means that you do not have to bear any interest. For instance, if you opt for dental care treatment costing Rs. 1 lakh from any of our partner merchants like Just Dental Healthcare Pvt. Ltd., Partha Dental, Toothsi, etc. then you pay only the principal amount, without having to bear any interest. For instance, EMI for loan of Rs. 1 lakh for 2 years will be Rs. 4,166 and for 6 months it will be Rs. 16,666.

Repay in easy installments: Availing a medical loan from Credit Fair makes you eligible to repay the EMIs in installments ranging from 6 months- 24 months. The longer the EMI tenure you opt for, lesser the EMI amount you will have to pay each month.

Collateral-free loan: Other loans require you to provide a collateral but medical loans by Credit Fair do not need you to provide any of your assets as collateral. The loan approval is provided based on your credit history, KYC documents and income details.

Minimum documentation: Applying for a medical loan from Credit Fair does not require you to go through any paperwork. Simply download the Credit Fair consumer app, select the loan amount and merchant partner, and upload documents to get quick approval. Submit KYC documents, income and reference details.

Cashless method: The loan amount approved for the medical treatment is directly transferred to the hospital/clinic from where you are availing the treatment. This thus ensures that the disbursal process is a cashless one, without you having to go through any bank transfers or cash withdrawal process.

Looking for an emergency medical loan? Connect with us at +91 99672 35047 or download the Credit Fair Easy EMI app to get quick access to funds.